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Common Tactics Used By Infiltrators

The USA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gives some valuable information on methods that infiltrators use to obtain your intellectual property:

Common Tactics:

  • Computer hacking! (Electronic-device hacking)
    • A visitor connects an electronic device to your system, such as a thumb drive, that adds malware or downloads your information
    • Someone hacks into your network via a spear phishing attack
    • An unattended laptop is accessed or stolen
  • On-site visits to your company:
    • Unauthorized photography or computer access. Unauthorized entry into restricted areas
    • Asking questions outside the scope of the visit
  • Review of publicly available sources. Are you sharing too much information?
  • Obtains your surplus equipment. Thousands of pages of stored information may still reside in the memory of a copier, printer, fax machine, etc
  • Employment solicitation (try to hire your key employees)
  • Theft or unauthorized photography of products at trade shows
  • Burglary (including copying of restricted documents where the originals stay in-house)
  • Dumpster diving – finding information in your company’s trash
  • Joint ventures
  • Front companies
  • Unsolicited requests for information
  • Elicitation – developing a friendship with an employee with the intention of obtaining restricted data or products. The employee will see someone who appears non-threatening and interested in his/her work
  • Electronic surveillance (listening devices in your hotel room, phone hacking, etc.)

(Source: US FBI Intellectual Property Protection)

Our Corporate Investigations Team can assist with any burglaries, theft or breaches of security, where we will investigate the theft of your intellectual property and identify the offender/s. For information on our Electronic Bug Sweeps or Corporate Investigations please contact Team Manager Andrew O’Reilly.

Electronic Bug Sweeps are an effective countermeasure to protect your business from infiltrators and disgruntled insiders. The FBI raises a valid issue that you should not only concentrate on protecting your workplace, but also on protecting areas outside the workplace, wherever you conduct business, such as your accommodation whilst travelling. You also need to protect your private residence, vehicle, boat and holiday home etc., as all of these areas are vulnerable to electronic surveillance.   Our Electronic Bug Sweeping Team can assist you with advice on preventing listening device infiltration and can test to ensure your conversations are not being listened in on.

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