Our Executive Security Team is comprised of ex-Police who have extensive experience in protecting and advising Executives on security issues.

Our security experts will provide you with executive security whenever, and wherever needed.

Executive Security also known as Executive Protection refers to specific security measures taken to assess and ensure the safety of an executive and his/her family who may be exposed to increased security risk as a result of their employment, wealth or geographical location.

Executive Security can be threatened by many factors. Increasing incidents of terrorism within Australia and internationally, potential violence from dissatisfied staff, clients and issue motivated persons and the potential to be victim to robbery or theft are some potential threats to name a few. With this threat, employers today have a responsibility to extend their security measures far beyond the walls of corporate HQ and to protect executives and other at risk employees.

Executive Security that you can depend on

The Webster Group provide a wide range of executive protection services and understand the nuances of working in a corporate environment. We focus on mitigating risk and in helping clients protect their families, property and finances. Our Executive Security Team is comprised of ex-Police who have extensive experience in protecting and advising Executives on security. Regardless of how small or large the threat, we are ready to safeguard those in need with an appropriate and highly considered level of response.

Our Executive Security services include

  • Security risk assessments of workplace, homes, motor vehicles and boats;
  • Close Personal Protection Services (bodyguard)
  • Covert Surveillance of potential suspects
  • Security Guarding of premises
  • Provide planning and training to Executives to deal with security threats
  • We are mindful of Executives’ privacy and conduct our services in a professional and compassionate manner so that Executives and their families are able to go about their business without concern or bringing about unwanted attention. We also understand the need to feel secure while pursuing everyday activities and that discretion is key.

The Webster Group has been providing security solutions since 1946 and is one of Australia’s oldest Risk Management and Investigation Company. It was acquired by IPP Consulting (IPP) in 2005. IPP is a Risk Management and Technology company with over 70 staff located throughout Australia.

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