Protect your intellectual property and confidential information from being stolen.

A listening device vulnerability review will identify your organisation’s vulnerability to listening device infiltration quickly and enable you to respond before serious damage is caused.

Cases of commercial espionage are an emerging reality for businesses and pose a costly threat. With rapid advances in technology and the sophisticated evolution of listening devices, dealing with listening device threats and breaches has become increasingly challenging with the need for protection from unscrupulous and unlawful bugging of corporate and government facilities ever increasing.

Actual incidences need to be dealt with quickly and confidentially – while assessment of the damage caused and putting in place improved processes to help mitigate future occurrences is critical to an organisations future viability and reputation.

Protect Your Organisation’s IP And Confidential Information

Our Listening Device Vulnerability Reviews offer businesses and government expert advice on how to adequately protect intellectual property and confidential information from being stolen or accessed by covert electronic listening devices.

Listening Device Vulnerability Reviews are conducted by our team of highly skilled and trained engineers who are experts in performing electronic bug sweeps and in locating covert listening devices, providing your organisation with valuable protection from infiltrators attempting to install such devices.

Our expert team who have been comprehensively trained in the USA are able to inspect your premises and identify security vulnerabilities that may increase the likelihood of a listening device being covertly placed in your premises. We are able to assess associated risks and prepare a comprehensive report for your organisation detailing the countermeasures required to combat all identified threats.

The Security Testing Is Done – Then What?

Following each VoIP security test or risk assessment we will take you through our findings, help you to understand each threat and work with you to implement solutions to discovered issues. Whilst penetration testing and risk assessments can be performed as standalone services, we are equally as happy to roll up our sleeves and help you implement comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to your VoIP security challenges.

VoIP Security – Industry Expertise

Our VoIP Security Testing team comprises of highly skilled and trained engineers who are experts in examining VoIP systems and performing penetration testing. They come from Military and Policing backgrounds, with expertise and qualifications in Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime and have undergone rigorous training in the USA on VoIP systems and the security risks and vulnerabilities that are associated with these systems.

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