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Our team of professional, highly experienced ex-Police Detectives are fully licensed and have extensive experience in corporate fraud investigation, fraud prevention and fraud management. We’ll help you respond quickly to any alleged fraud or corrupt practices affecting your business.

The present economical landscape has resulted in an increase in corporate fraud, of which many instances often go unreported. Corporate fraud poses a real and substantial threat to the stability of any business. Many companies simply don’t know how best to investigate and manage fraud and prosecute such events, whereas others unsuccessfully execute their own internal corporate fraud investigation often making an already delicate situation much worse.

Corporate fraud can present in many forms from small incidences such as theft of goods to huge financial scandals. More and more companies today are turning to professional and discreet corporate fraud investigators such as The Webster Group.

How Can The Webster Group Help Me?

Investigating corporate fraud is one of our core services. Bottom line – we will work with you to investigate any suspected fraud, provide you with the evidence you need to prosecute (should you decide to do so) and can assist you in developing and implementing prevention strategies to mitigate against future fraud.

Our corporate fraud investigators are regularly called upon when notable indiscretions have been detected and there is a need for a thorough overhaul and assessment of the financial management system. We can also provide training in identifying and combating fraud in the workplace.

We provide a range of corporate fraud investigation services. Our fraud investigators are trained to expose financial inconsistencies within your business, where you suspect fraud has (or is) taking place. Our capabilities include:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Business / Individual Surveillance
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Evidence preparation for use in legal proceedings
  • Fingerprint examination & handwriting analysis
  • Fraud prevention strategies

Are Your Fraud Investigations Legal?

Our corporate fraud consultants come from ex-State and Federal Police backgrounds. They know the legalities of conducting any investigation. Much of the evidence collected is gathered through surveillance, computer forensics and face to face interviews, all done legally to ensure evidence can be used in a court or law.

Suspect Company Fraud? Hire A Licensed Provider, And Get The Answers And Evidence You Need.

If you suspect fraudulent activity within your organisation, act quickly. Failure to do so may result in additional financial losses and destruction of important evidence. Equally, acting when the problem first arises will save your organisation time and money.

Our corporate fraud investigations team is regularly called upon by Corporate and Government sector clients. The team comprises highly qualified and licensed ex-Police Detectives who have multi-disciplinary expertise and many years’ experience in dealing with complex, sensitive and high value corporate fraud investigations.

Our team are trained to discreetly and thoroughly assess your situation and will work with you to devise a cost effective plan to uncover fraudulent activity, provide legal and thorough evidence and if required advise on appropriate course of action.

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