Let us find the holes in your cyber security before hackers do.

Identify your companies IT systems vulnerabilities and secure your infrastructure from malicious attack. Our pen testing services are deployed by many leading organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, as well as other capital cities across Australia.

With the advancement of computer technology and our ever increasing reliance on computer systems that secure intellectual property, personal data and financial records, cyber crime is continually increasing. Internal IT personnel often lack the objectivity or possess the specialist skills required to be able to properly review the systems that they build and have control over. As a result, astute companies look to an external and independent penetration testing provider to reveal potential vulnerabilities.

Will Your Organisation Stand Up to the Test?

The Webster Group are able to conduct Penetration Testing of Computer Systems to ascertain if your company and its IT systems are susceptible to external and internal unauthorised infiltration.

Our certified penetration testing consultants are able to examine your network to perform a Vulnerability and Penetration Test from within your company and from the World Wide Web outside your organisation, to determine the networks strengths and weaknesses. We will progressively attempt to invasively penetrate your organisations internet facing infrastructure and services with a goal of accessing sensitive or high value information, to determine the systems vulnerabilities.

When required our consultants also perform social engineering activities to coerce, falsify or lure your staff members into divulging information or allowing an unauthorised user to gain access to your systems. We can conduct social engineering activities by sending email campaigns with compromised attachments and by USB key drops in high traffic areas, to test whether staff will unintentionally place a contaminated USB key into your system.

Penetration Testing Performed the Right Way

All of our penetration testing is done safely and there is no danger of your system actually being contaminated. You are essentially hiring hackers that you know you can trust, to break into your network and illustrate how an attack will likely occur BEFORE a real hacker with malicious intent does it for you. Our comprehensive testing will determine your system weaknesses so that we can recommend mitigation strategies to protect your organisation against cybercrime.

Pen Testing Expertise

With extensive experience in providing Penetration Testing of computer systems for government and corporate organisations, The Webster Group are the first choice provider for many of Australia’s leading organisations who realise that the complexities of cyber crime demands a team of specialist engineers and investigators to assist in testing and developing mitigation strategies to minimise security threats against your network.

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